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Our company handles tiling installation and countertops in and around Chandler.  We love serving all our customers in the Phoenix East Valley.  With over 20 years of tile installation and remodeling experience, Tile Installation Chandler has built a solid reputation for honest quality work at a fair price. Our standard of customer care is very high to ensure a great product that’ll last for decades.

If you’re looking for a pool deck replacement, shower tile replacement, or a new bathroom tile installation, we have what it takes.  There’s a lot of different options for tiling available like marble, slate, granite, pebble and stone, travertine, ceramic, etc.  Whether you’re looking for that hip new trendy design or looking for the timeless classics like Slate, we make sure you are getting the perfect tile for your project.  With a free consultation from Tile Installation Chandler, we’re here to make sure you’re educated on the different types of systems.  Each tiling system has their ups and downs depending on the environment it’s being installed in.  We guarantee our work from the beginning to the end, and there’s no company close when it comes to our passion and craftsmanship for the value our customer’s receive.

Tile Installation Chandler’s motto has always been, “Install every floor as if it’s our own, and take care of every customer like they’re family.”  We get to know our customers in detail, and get a better understanding of the vibe they want to impart on their home.  We take great pride in having satisfied customers, and the best compliment we can think of is referrals by word of mouth.

You don’t need to stress about a new home remodeling project or construction of a new home.  We help create and custom design each installation to exceed your expectations.  Every project is unique and every concept is different.  Your project should showcase a touch of your own character, and that shines through your own personality and tastes.  Nothing beats that feeling of comfort in your own home.  That’s where we make all the difference with a new tile installation to create that vibe and feeling.  Call us or email us today, and we’ll help create the best environment for your home or office.  We can’t wait to help you today!

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