A Relaxing Getaway at Aji Spa Sheraton Hotel – Chandler, AZ

A VISIT OF RESPITE TO AJI SPA – 5594 W Wild Horse Pass Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

My favorite cousin, Daniel, was coming over to my place for a weekend and my excitement was at its peak as we hadn’t seen each other in quite a long time. Since both of us had persevered through tedious jobs, we wanted complete relaxation this weekend vs hanging out at home. When it came to choosing our short vacation destination, I proposed the name Aji Spa at Sheraton wild horse pass resort & spa. The spa is immensely famous for its refreshing ambience and fulfilling services. The mesmerizing view got us both excited. We packed our essentials and hopped in my car. It was a few minute drives, and we soon reached the rejuvenating site Aji Spa.


The moment we reached our destination, we were taken aback for a while, considering the elegance and nature’s heart held by the site. The company of Aji Mountain to the place made us both stare deeply for a few minutes and get engrossed into nature completely. Our healing process had started right then. The spa was located beside the Gila River Indian Community, making the surroundings just apt for seeking solace and serenity. The design embraced by the spa was one that really established our connection with the Native American culture. The place was elegantly and sensibly designed in its own unique style while providing us with the utmost comfortable place to enjoy a spa. While we took a bunch of pictures of the view as well as of ourselves, we came across one of the most remarkable moments of our trip- the wild horses. We saw them roam around freely at the wild horse pass which escalated the ecstasy of the place. The view had succeeded to mesmerize me and Daniel, who was excruciatingly fond of horses. The culture was imbibed in each and every aspect of the place.


After having a fulfilling view of the surroundings, it was time to explore what we had come for. The artwork at the spa is extremely inviting and illuminating. The décor of the center is what really set our minds in place. We were ready to give our bodies the composure it craved. Most of the ladies serving at the spa were well furnished with the pious Pima and Maricopa traditions and even articulated the culture to us. While Daniel went for his Gentlemen’s spa package, I chose to embrace a facial and a Pima medicine massage. The experience we had there was not only commendable but also mind-blowing. The technique used for the spa was cultural and effectively relieving. Our bodies and our minds felt lighter, and we could not halt cherishing this amazing experience even after the service was over. Afterwards, we thanked the caretakers for their dedicated service and went ahead to watch the site with relaxed minds.


Daniel and I then proceeded to take a few more photographs as they were nothing less than souvenirs for us. We then roamed around for a bit while once again admiring the beauty and the picturesqueness of the place. Following this, we went to Taco Santo and ordered 3 Tacos and a Quesadilla. The food was not only affordable but also fulfilling and extremely delicious. As we sat in our car, we knew we had to pay another visit to the place.

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