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Among the most common flooring tile type today, Ceramic Floor Tile, comes in many different styles, colors, and shapes due to its low market price.  The general consensus is that Ceramic material is not high-end, elegant or classy.  With a price point at about $2 per sq. ft., its hard to beat for the options they have. However, there’s a lot more to ceramic tile popularity than its low pricing.  Tile Installation Chandler assists all customers with choosing the best type of ceramic flooring tile to match their lifestyle and environment.  Most manufacturers of ceramic floor tiles keep a close eye on the hardness levels of their tiles using what’s called an PEI abrasion test.  Having an PEI test done, they can measure their tile’s hardness ratings on a scale from zero through five.  These test results reflect which grade of tile should be installed for your project.  Certain levels of hardness should be used depending on the traffic volume the area under renovation or installation will be having. Another great option in place of Ceramic may be Porcelain Tile.

 One of the types of Ceramic that has a low impact on the environment is the Post-industrial style. Purchasing a Post-industrial type of ceramic will not be a compromise in quality or style one bit.  This type of Ceramic Tile made from recycled clay tiling and is available for all Tile Installation Chandler customers. Ask us about the available green options for your next installation.  The beauty of Ceramic Tiling is that it’s very water resistant, which makes it ideal for pools, spas, kitchens and bathrooms.  The Ceramic Tile is ideal in high humidity environments like laundry rooms as well. They’re excellent at protecting against water stains and surface permiation due to the intense glazing process that’s used to seal the clay surface.  Tile Installation Chandler suggests using Ceramic Tiles in these ideal locations: Pools, Bathroom Walls, Bathroom Floors, Shower Basins, Bathtub Surrounds, Kitchen Floors, Kitchen Walls, Kitchen Backsplashes, and Bathroom Backsplashes. 

Ceramic Tile Wall Installer Chandler AZ
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All top quality tile installations require a sealant to protect them.  Due to the processes used to make Ceramic tile, its very resilient. We’ve created a format for high-quality installations, and our process means your Ceramic Tile system will last for many decades. 

The low maintenance attributes of Ceramic tiling systems makes this product very intriguing.  Our customers that are experiencing allergy concerns, soon realize that this tiling is great way to keep down the dirt, dust, and debris from building up in their homes.  Carpeting is a haven for all types of allergens that we breathe.  Having a Ceramic tiled floor means that we can identify the liquids, stains, dirt, dust, and spills much easier than we can on carpeting. Cleaning is super easy with mop and bucket of warm soap water.  Most difficult stains that have been left on Ceramic for a long time may require a tougher chemical that’s available at all local convenient stores.  Ceramic has the most options and virtually endless array of colors, designs, finishes, and textures to choose from.  The greatest style change is the new Wood Look Tiling that’s been going strong on the market for years.

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Finding the style, design, and color of Ceramic tile to suit your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project will be a breeze!  These great Ceramic tiles don’t hold heat, which means you’ll stay just a little cooler during the hot Chandler AZ summers!