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Granite flooring is incredibly dependable, durable, glittery, and one of the oldest dense natural material available.  It looks great in kitchens, reception areas, churches, commercial hallways, office floors, reception areas, and other areas with higher traffic.

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The image to the left is not a common color for Granite.  Most floor tile made from Granite is found to be more of a shimmery black with silver crystal or gold crystal flakes near the outer layer.  Its not uncommon to have it installed in offices, retail stores, homes, and high rise buildings.  Granite is essentially a bond between Quartz (not Quartzite) and Feldspar which create that neat glittery floor appearance.  Granite is not an issue to clean up from spills that have been left on it for days, which makes this material super resistant to staining.  Over many years, liquified magma cooling under some intense pressure creates Granite’s natural designs.  Granite has a super elegant appearance that will surely impress your coworkers, neighbors, friends, clients, and family members.  If your primary interest is to find a superior low-maintenance, high quality, scratch resistant flooring system, than Granite is a great option for you!

Tile Installation Chandler has installed beautiful countertops made from Granite.  Our customers have us install Granite pool deck inlays, Granite kitchen countertops, outdoor granite patios, and even Granite sunroom flooring.  One of the neat features of Granite flooring tile in Chandler, is that it’s appearance won’t fade in hot sunlight.  Another attribute of Granite, is that it makes an excellent conductor of heat.  This means the heat that the heat likes to dissipate and travel away from the surface.  Most types of Granite flooring systems are extremely heavy, and these systems require a lot of preparation prior to installation. A Granite flooring system installation is a very time consuming and labor intensive project. We recommend having a solid game plan and schedule arranged in regards to our installation process.

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With regard to maintenance, Granite is a material that requires very little work.  There’s such a little concern with staining, and 99% of the spills clean up super quick with regular soap and warm water.  Customers have used a poultice in the past on some stains that were a little stubborn. One of the recommended maintenance activities for Granite is resealing the surface one a year if the area is high in traffic. Granite flooring and countertops are competitively priced with most of the other higher end installation options. Granite is such an eye appealing material for your kitchen countertop, and would be a good reason for added equity into your home or office building.

Granite kitchen backsplashes and primarily countertops, come with ideal properties vs the other countertop options.  Granite transmits heat very efficiently.  Hot dishes or plates placed on a Granite countertop will draw the heat from them rather quickly, and we highly recommend using a wooden heat coaster or hot pad to slow down the heat loss. If Granite is exposed to direct contact with hot dishes, pots and pans, it can become discolored in that spot over prolonged use.  There’s a few products available on the market that can restore Granite to it’s natural beauty if discoloration does happens.  No need to be alarmed if this happens because Granite is very resilient.

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The current trend in Granite colors and schemes are primarily focused around the color white.  However, all natural Granite comes in so many different colors and original designs.  White Granite has that characteristic to make rooms “appear” much bigger and the ambiance of “having more space.”  White colored granite works cohesively when paired with virtually every color and design scheme imaginable.  Granite is all but guaranteed to help raise the value of an office or home, reduce the potential for bacteria growth in humid areas, and minimize the amount of visible dust collecting.  The white Granite hides the appearance of fingerprints, even if dust does begin to accumulate.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation on our beautiful Granite floor and Granite countertop products.