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Perhaps one of the most elite materials of all kitchen and bathroom flooring material, Marble, has been dubbed for centuries as the 8th wonder of the world.  Marble floor is currently produced by being excavated and mined from mountainsides. These Marble excavations are cut into enormous slabs are trimmed down to size, to best serve the construction industry’s requirements.  Marble floor has always been the preferred choice and luxurious material for Queens and Kings throughout the ages.  Marble installed for kitchen floors, create a vibe of fine dining and culinary mastery underway.  Since Marble’s a natural material, it comes with one-of-a-kind unique hues, original design appearances, and many shades of artistic colors.  These Marble slabs are so unique, that once a slab is trimmed down, the ability to match the pieces is highly unlikely. Other natural materials like granite flooring, have the same type of characteristics.

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Marble Slab Installer Chandler AZ

It’s important to have a solid maintenance schedule for taking care of your Marble countertops and floors.  Highly polishing them on a regular basis will help bring out the vibrant colors, shimmer, and natural beauty.   Its natural translucent characteristics allow light to penetrate the surface, and illuminate the minerals beneath the surface.  This natural effect help give off that iridescent warm glow.  Since Marble is mined from the Earth, it is not an impact on the environment in the future when it’s life as a building material comes to an end.  Based on the process to acquire Marble, it isn’t an economical material to purchase.

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Marble Tile Installer in Chandler AZ

Marble costs roughly $10.00 per square foot, and the installation pricing does increase if the project requires a completely custom design, fancy inlays or mosaics.  Some of the best attributes of Marble is noticed when it’s very well polished. However, as a result of this maintenance process, they’ll end up becoming quite slippery.  We recommend using big area rugs with gripping rubber matting under them to maintain a good grip.  This helps prevent people from accidentally falling, especially while wearing socks.  Since Marble is a highly polished type flooring system, we advise all customers to be extremely cautious when moving furniture over Marble flooring.

 Marble floor installations are one of the most labor intensive systems to have installed.  Please be aware of the possibility of acidic foods and beverages spilling on Marble. The potential for a stain occurring is a bit higher with Marble than other natural materials like Granite.

As a means for repairing old heavy marble slabs, we recommend sealing and tiling over it with new tile. Since Marble is a bit more costly to install and repair, we recommend all customers to have a regular maintenance schedule planned every year to keep it protected.  If you’re the type of customer that has the elegant lifestyle and keeps everything looking spectacular, than Marble floors will be a perfect fit. Marble has that super impressive feeling when it’s completed, and Tile Installation Chandler will be glad to assist in your new Marble installation.  We’re here to help you create a perfect tiling system for your home or business. Give Tile Installation Chandler a call now!

Marble Slab Installer Chandler AZ