Stone Floor Tile

Over the last decade, Stone Tile Floors have gradually been building up popularity.  Lots of these types of systems are being installed in bathrooms, and especially as shower flooring.  Natural stone flooring looks very beautiful and elegant.  These modern tile floor options withstand the constant running water, because the pebbles originated from natural streams, brooks, lakes, and rivers.

Stone pebbles texture or stone pebbles background for interior

Stone tiling is available in all colors, sizes, and blends in well with just about any decor. 100% natural pebbles are used to make up natural stone flooring, and the impact on the environment is significantly less than any of the ceramics.  The most common upgrade people are doing is using this tile material in shower walls blended in with porcelain tile, bathtub trim, and shower floors.  Tile Installation Chandler does not recommend using highly polished and shiny pebbles for flooring, because it can pose a slipping hazard. We recommend against using any highly polished rock tiling in the vicinity of pools and spas.  Lots of pebble and stone floor systems have been installed outdoors for patio use that looks incredible! They add that touch of natural river feeling landscape that goes very well with desert landscaping design.

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Pebble and Stone natural tile systems range from an average of $10.00 per sq ft. up to $20.00 per sq ft.  There are so many different shapes, styles, and colors to choose from when looking to purchase a stone floor tile system for your home or bathroom.  Tile Installation Scottsdale will provide the products necessary to help you make an educated decision, so you can feel great about what style and colors are going to be installed.  Let us help bring the feel of the outdoors into your home. Experience the tranquility and peace of a pebble and stone floor system in your bathroom. Call today!