Love to Horseback Ride at Koli – Chandler, AZ


It had been a long and hectic week for me, but my energy rekindled when my family worked out a trip to Koli Equestrian Center. I had always been fond of horse riding, but due to my utmost busy schedule was unable to plan any such trip. I was inquisitive about exploiting the picturesque and astounding landscape at the place. My friend Ted agreed to come along. I hopped into his car, and it took us just some minutes to reach the riding center from downtown Phoenix. My maternal grandparents had also accompanied us and were excruciatingly eager to enjoy an exhilarating ride. We all reached simultaneously, and after having a moment of being awestruck by the scenery, we proceeded to explore the space minutely.


While Ted drove, I enjoyed miles of the extraordinarily astonishing beauty of the landscape. The panorama was breath-taking. The Koli Equestrian Center is located in the midst of the Gila River Indian Community Reservation, and I felt as if I was looking at the best segment of that location. We chose guided rides to capture the elegance of the landscape. We stood for a while and roamed around to enjoy the open view offered by the scenery. My family did not miss out an opportunity to take photos. Wild horse trails also formed a part of the site. It was not only the view that left us surprised but also the wildlife that we encountered on our way. I had not come across such natural diversity is a part of city life. Thus, the view became even more memorable for me.


After having satisfactorily gazed at the view, we proceeded for the most exciting part- horse riding. Two wranglers approached us with their interestingly well-trained horses. They guided us about our rides telling us there will be no ‘head or tail’ of the ride. Since Ted had utterly zero experience in horse riding, the wranglers very amiably guided him as to how to ride safely and watch out for the wild horses at the Wild Horse Pass. The Wranglers also very sensibly paired us with the horses making sure we cherish the best of a ride. We began our ride, and even though I had had this experience earlier as well, this one felt like a new one altogether. Another group of visitors also joined for the ride, and we obscurely headed to the southwest desert trails. This brought us the amazing scenery of that of the sunset while we came across a couple of wild animals. The flora at the place did not fall short of mesmerizing us either. We got along quite well with a couple who were riding with us. So much so that we got clicked together and exchanged our social handles. The ride ended, and wranglers took charge of the horses and Ted could not stop gushing about the experience he had while riding a horse as an amateur.


We ended up exploring one of the most breath-taking fragments of nature and wildlife. The thrill that the horse riding experience gave us was one to cherish for the lifetime. We then went to a restaurant to have mesquite smoked salmon along with Greek yogurt parfait, and the couple had we just met accompanied us here as well. The food, as well as the entire trip, was nothing less than jaw-dropping. This exploration left us with a lot of joy and hilarious as well as beautiful photos to take home.

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