Travertine Floor Tile

Travertine has increased in popularity within the decade.  It’s definitely one of those natural stone floor tiling that’s most desired common home tiling systems.  The tiling’s selection’s popularity was a result of the various home makeover shows, often seen on cable television networks.  The rise in demand for this great flooring tile isn’t slowing down, and so the production demands for the material have been increasing in excess of current requests.  As the manufacturing goes up way ahead of the orders, the price of Travertine tile material is beginning to fall.  That’s excellent news for Tile Installation Chandler customers!

Travertine Tile Installation in Chandler AZ

There’s a great reason for Travertine Floor Tile’s popularity on home improvement shows.  The many benefits of picking Travertine Floor Tile for your home improvement upgrade is based on the durability and aesthetic beauty. Travertine floor tile is perfect for flooring and some wall coverings inside the home.  Similar type appearance to Marble coloration, Travertine costs on average, half as much!  Great news is that Travertine Tiling is super durable, and it’s used in a wide variety of applications.  Its non-slip characteristic makes this tile a good option for use as a pool deck surfaces as well.

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Travertine Floor Tile

Travertine floor tile has great thermal characteristics, and will help out with your heating and cooling bills.  Travertine tile installations are a bit time consuming because they’re a little on the heavy side, but they’re reasonably priced for the return on investment.  Call Tile Installation Chandler to get a free estimate for your Travertine tile installation today! 

 This great versatile Travertine Floor Tile makes an ideal choice for many homeowners and businesses.  Its relaxed charming feel of natural colors is among the older and aged appearing color schemes.  Travertine material has that ability to bring a feeling of outdoorsy to your indoor world.  Travertine’s aged appearance allows any tiling system to be replaced or repaired much easier, because it blends in quite cohesively.  Highly polished and buffed tiles like ceramic tiling, are more prone to revealing scratches and abrasions. The natural Travertine finish however, is quite resilient and scratch resistant.  Travertine can be easily be cut and fit into small, tight spots. Travertine’s quite porous, and that means it’ll have a few more required maintenance steps than the average tile.

Travertine Installer in Chandler AZ

Tile Installation Chandler uses a two-part procedure for the sealing of Travertine during installation.  A normal penetratant sealer is applied to all the small pores in the surface. Then we use a sealing agent surface barrier after the mortars are fully cured and dry. 

Travertine Tile Installation in Chandler AZ

 Spilling on Travertine should be addressed as quickly as possible.  Travertine is naturally susceptible to stains because of its open pores, but our installation team will reduce the amount of natural cavities during our installation process with a great sealer.  Because of the permeability of Travertine, it does not make for a good countertop.  Not to mention, Travertine reacts in a terrible way toward acidic substances. Higher concentrations of acidic foods and drinks will degrade the surface prematurely if its exposed for too long.

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