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If you’re looking in to having Natural Floor Tile installed, there’s a wide variety of choices to pick through.  The best way to determine which type of natural stone tile and pebbles to pick from is to consider the room or environment the project is in.  If the area in which you wish to install tiling is generally humid, damp, moist, or wet, you’ll want something that has a lower absorption rate.  If you’re looking to install tiling in an area where there’s higher foot traffic, you’ll need something that handles stains and wear and tear well.  If the area is subject to dropping hazards like commercial and light industrial, we’ll need to look at tiling that’s a bit more durable.  For Natural Stone and Pebble tiling, we typically go with something impervious materials that are resistant to fluid spills (not like Travertine). These types of tiling systems are a lot less labor intensive when it comes to maintenance and significantly more durable.  Materials of a vitreous nature have an average rate of absorption, and are more suitable for bedrooms and less occupied spaces.

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Natural Stone Tile Installer Chandler AZ

Natural tiles are great for indoor or outdoor use, and they’re usually installed in areas where there’s medium to low foot traffic. These Semi-vitreous floor tile options are less absorbent, and generally require a little more maintenance than Porcelain or Ceramics (for example). It’s normal to install semi-vitreous natural tile in a dry environment based on its semi-absorptive properties.  The highest levels of absorption from any material fall in the Non-vitreous category. This type of floor tile installation should not be installed around or in wet, damp, or moisture prone areas. In Chandler, we’re able to do some of this tiling work outdoors because it does not rain often, but we advise customers to use this type indoors primarily. A general rule of thumb is that if the tile material is more dense, the less absorptive they tend to be.

Natural Stone Tile Installation in Chandler AZ

One of the most porous types of natural tile is Sandstone.  Sandstone, a Natural stone tile, is always prone to oxidizing over the years.  A tile that’s oxidizing can become a failure point in the long-term stability of an outdoor tiling system.  This oxidization typically occurs when the Sandstone sees prolonged exposure to the elements.  Being here in Chandler, we don’t have to stress about this issue as much, because water is the main ingredient for oxidizing materials.  We always recommend a dense material that is less absorptive when doing outdoor tile installation, but we will install this both outdoors and indoors depending on the foot traffic it will be exposed to.  Always remember that a non-vitreous material is generally more susceptible to absorbing rain, desert dirt, and desert dust.  Keep in mind that the natural materials with a low coefficient of friction can cause potential slipping and falling hazards, especially outdoors around pools, spas, and hot tubs.

Tile Installation Chandler provides the best quality Grade A tiling for our customers, unless the environment is economically appropriate for cost effective Grade B.

The aesthetically pleasing elements of installing Natural Stone:

Nature is the artist that designs each Natural Stone Tile, and that means each tile is 100% unique. Natural Stone Tile creates a atmosphere of being connected to mother nature by blending the outdoor space with the indoor decor.  This type of tiling will usually have the lowest impact on the environment vs the other synthetic tiles that are available.  There’s always a connection between the location of the installation and type of Natural Stone Tiling to be installed in that space. Some types of Slate, Quartzite, and Granite are most suitable for wet, damp, or moist environments.  Some types of natural tiling will be subject to a more stringent maintenance schedule.  These tiles are usually going to be going through a process to reseal and treat the surface.  Natural stone tiles can be prone to cracking in higher impact areas, so it’s best to consult one of our tile installation professionals.  We’ll provide more information on how to choose the best tile for your project environment.  Call us today.

Natural Stone Pebble Tile Installer Chandler AZ