A Fitness Adventure at Tumbleweed Recreation Center – Chandler, AZ


It was summertime and Jack, my best friend and I had taken a few days off from our work. While we wanted to relax, we had an urge to break the monotony our life was enduring. Also, my ten year old nephew, Watson, had come over for his summer vacations and was expecting me to take him to a fun-packed place on his birthday. We wished to do something thrilling while learning and watching new stuff. Jack came up with the idea of visiting the Tumbleweed Recreation center, and I found it just appropriate for having fun and at the same time giving a breather to my fondness for fitness. Because I had immense interest in workouts, my inquisitiveness to know more about every facet to it never settled contented. We wore our sporty outfits and shoes and braced ourselves for our adventure to explore. We boarded a bus from a nearby bus stop and excitedly got the tickets to our thrill-drenched place.

The 62,000 square foot mammoth sized recreation center was colossal and so well arranged that we got out of the bus and stood for two minutes to gaze at the site located in Tumbleweed Recreation Center. While the place embraced a number of gaming areas, we could see enormous sports facilities being available in the area which got Watson all excited and thrilled. We would never have this amount of fun at home.  There was also an indoor running track incorporated in the center itself. Courts for different sports made the center even more versatile and astonishing for us. Well-established and arranged exercise studios added to the modernity and standard of the place. Accompanying these were the dance studios which escalated my eagerness to explore the place even deeper. While we walked through the center, we also noticed contemporary designed locker and changing rooms.

We had informed the center about Watson’s birthday, and they had made all the necessary preparations. We had chosen to have an amusing game at racquetball courts, and the recreation team very diligently took care of it. After, cherishing a pleasing game, we went ahead to enjoy at the dance studio. Following this, we went on to explore various other activities. We came across various dance classes involving people from all ages swaying their bodies while having fun. Some children had come for their summer camps while a leader was giving a speech at the center pertaining to the youth program on drugs being held. While we walked past these activities, we noticed an amusing yet essential aspect of the center. It was the Silver Sneakers exercise program organized for senior citizens. There was another activity called the Child Watch program, where Watson went for his small-level exercising, and we enjoyed just watching him have a fun-fitness time.

We walked around the entire center, and there wasn’t even a single moment where we felt the rhythm to slow down. The entire center was vibrant and full of energy. There was diversity not only in the facilities proffered by the place but also the people who made use of those facilities. As we walked down the road to our Bus stop, Watson couldn’t stop telling us about how much fun he had had while learning so much simultaneously. Meanwhile, Jack and I discussed about how well-maintained the place was and about the humongous facilities and machines available at the gymnasium. We decided to visit this place again during the winter season and promised Watson to bring him to the place for a camp.

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