Huge Variety of Artistic Acting and Music Chandler Center For The Arts – Chandler, AZ


All of my college friends were excited for the long weekend we were about to have. We wanted to have leisure time as well as enjoy something they we could cherish for a lifetime. I had always been very fond of art, be it of any form. I suggested to my friends the idea of visiting Chandler Center for the Arts. I had heard a lot about the place and never had the courage to explore the place personally. All of my friends liked the idea, and we decided to visit the place. It was Sunday, and we all hopped into Stephen’s car to reach this exhibition. We reached in a few minutes, and I braced myself to encounter one of the best pieces of art.

Considering Stephen’s love for music, we then went to one of the three theaters where free summer concert series were going on. Stephen’s favorite country music artist was performing for a medicine show which elevated the excitement of the entire group we had. We got seated in the 1,500-seat theater. The entire theater was full of music enthusiasts who created music-driven energy and aura in the theater. The artist arrived and soothed everyone with her nightingale-like voice. It was after a performance that she became the entire group’s favorite artist. We then went to another theater where a play based on the theme family was being enacted in a home setting. The performance of the artists was jaw-dropping and the play, excruciatingly emotional. The play did not fail to trigger our tenderness and spirit. After we walked out of the theater partly sobbing, we decided to pay a visit to the art museum keeping in mind how engrossed Monica was in artistic exhibitions.

After having utterly cherished the experience and performances in theaters, we marched to the museum. It had artistic works of around 350 local and regional artists. Paintings by some of the favorite artists of Monica were also displayed. Even though no one besides Monica and I possessed an interest in this field of art, everyone was completely into this expedition. The view did not disappoint any of us. It was not only the paintings that grabbed our attention and inquisitiveness but also the artistry demonstrated in ceramics and textiles, showcased at the museum. Art practiced on glass and sculpture was also a treat to the eyes. We revered the skill, practice and application of all the artists and the experience this ride to the museum had provided.

We then went to one of the specialized restaurants to have Italian food which taste-wise extremely fulfilling. Following this, we headed back to our car with a lot of memories and photographs. We were all in awe of the place, the site and the artists. The kind of work and performances we had encountered during that visit could not be put in words for a complete description. I knew that this tour would not end but stay alive in my heart forever as I had come across the most refined forms and types of art at this center. We all recalled the play once again and ended up appreciating every performer’s talent and skill. This art center was worth keeping aside a Sunday for!

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