A Trip to a Topical Paradise in the Desert – Chandler, AZ

It was one fine Saturday morning, and my 8-year-old son Joey had a really bad mood because he was ill and missed his school picnic on Friday. To make his mood better, my wife and I decided to give him one amazing weekend. We decided to take a trip to Makutu’s Island. It is one of the largest and one of the most beautiful indoor play places in America. It is located in 6919 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226, USA and is a perfect escape from Arizona’s heat.

It cost $25 for three of us to enter the place. As soon as we entered the place, we were taken into a world of adventure and fantasy. The place had a theme of a tropical island and was full of towering trees, bungee, climbs, caves and even a toddler’s zone. Right at the center was a huge indoor tree. The tree had mole-holes, tubes, tunnels, and the surrounding had model animals and a totem pole. The tree had a snake slide it provided a lot of thrill for us. We spent an hour of our stay with just the tree.

Joey always had a fascination for ships and islands, and he often said that he wanted to be an explorer. Funny, isn’t it? Children and their imaginations! His excitement showed that he was having the time of his life exploring the Makutu’s Island.

There were plenty of play structures adjoining the tree. We enjoyed playing around the Pirates Cove, and Palm slide. This place was filled with kids who were younger than Joey.

Then we moved on to experience the Toddler’s area. There were building blocks made of soft foam, a climbing zone for enthusiastic kids and small slides too. Joey made some new friends out there, and he had quite a time playing around with little boys and girls. We also enjoyed some small gossip sessions with their parents while the kids were having fun.

I always had a special fondness for video games, so we decided to heat our adventure inside The Inferno. This place has some of the coolest games I had ever played as a child and way better than the ones at home. Even my wife, who is not that of a fan of video games, enjoyed her time at The Inferno.

After all the adventure we were hungry and had to stop for a bite at the Kiki’s Café. This place provided a huge list of finger-licking snacks on their menu. We ordered French fries, a Kiki’s Hawaiian pizza, samosas, a chocolate smoothie for Joey and its mango counterpart for two of us. The café was bamboo themed and was beautiful and large enough to host birthday parties.

We were all very happy with our experience and left the place at 8 PM. This place is open throughout the week and is a must-visit place in Arizona. I have secretly decided to throw Joey a surprise birthday party at the Makatu’s Island next year. He will just love it!

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