Time for a splash at the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center – Chandler, AZ

It was a hot and sunny Friday morning. In fact, the temperature of Arizona was fairly on the higher side throughout the week, and our school gave us a week’s holiday due to extreme heat. We needed an escape from the summer heat and so Ross, Ben and I decided to take a dive at the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center. This place is located at 5901 S Hillcrest drive, which is just a quarter-mile west of Val Vista Drive. We had to take a bus from our place, and it went through the Riggs Road to reach the place by 11 AM.

Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center remains open throughout the week, and the entry fee is just $2 for a single person. There are separate passes for families and people who come in groups.

We paid the humble entry fee and entered the place. We had visited this place earlier, and as we expected, this place was full of people of various age groups. The availability of shade was very less, and since we were experienced, we carried an umbrella with us that provided us with our personal shade.

There were lots of options for one to explore. The play area, the lazy river, diving boards, and free swim are some of them. The place had a number of water slides with varying sizes, and we enjoyed quite some time playing with the slides. Ross was never fond of slides, and so he spent most of his time in the lazy river. However, Ben and I were crazy about slides and had a great time.

After having some fun with the slides, we also accompanied Ross to the lazy river. The water was very clean, and the temperature was just fine. It felt so comfortable relaxing in the lazy river.

After spending our time at the lazy river, we decided to head up to the diving boards. It was thrilling jumping off those boards. Ben tried a lot of aerial stunts but not much to his amusement; he just made a mockery out of himself. We had quite a laugh on seeing Ben’s repeated failed acrobatic attempts. Trust me; the sight was just hilarious!

After a few rounds of diving, we decided to have a race at the lap pool. We started the race with the deal that the one who comes last will pay for lunch. The race was fun, and the competition was intense. I beat both them comfortably. However, Ben beat Ross with just a whisker and hence the lunch was all on Ross.

After the tiring race, we decided to rest for a while before leaving. We sat for some time at the kids’ play area, and there were lots of little kids enjoying their time in the water. It was perfectly safe for them since there were plenty of alert lifeguards in that area.  The place also has facilities to take a swim during the night. While leaving, we planned that we would try the night owl lap swim in the near future since this place is so close to home.

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